ISS Live Stream from the International Space Station

ISS Live Stream from the International Space Station

See what astronauts see in the universe. This ISS Live Stream shows them the Earth from the perspective of an astronaut. Here you can see our planet from the universe, sometimes even crew at work in weightlessness. And all that from home computers or mobile phones, on the road or from home. You can not get closer to the crew of the International Space Station – but ISS Live Stream is very close!

So that no confusion prevails, following tip: Sometimes there is for some time no signal from the International Space Station and the ISS Live Stream does not function. You should just wait a few minutes! The ISS Live Stream should be online again after a few minutes so you can follow the ISS Live Stream and International Space Station flight path.

The International Space Station ISS orbits the earth at an incredible 400 km altitude. The astronauts are always enthusiastic about the fact that our planet looks unique and overwhelmingly beautiful and small from up there. The best thing about it is that you are close to it, thanks to the Internet and the ISS Live Stream! A camera of the International Space Station mounted on the outboard shows you an astronaut’s view of the Earth – free and live. Of course, there is only something to be seen when the sun shines, so when the International Space Station flies over the day side of our planet Earth, our planet can also be considered in full. When this happens, follow the exact location of the International Space Station via the ISS Tracker or the ISS position via the graphics card and Google Earth. Via the ISS Live Stream or the ISS Tracker, you can see the speed at which the International Space Station flies over us in space. The exact trajectory you will find on our on ISS Tracker or ISS Position.

The ISS Live with your own eyes watching, YES that goes!

Just in such a way: On a few days you can observe the International Space Station also from the ground: with naked eyes! This is always the case when it is lit up there early in the morning or in the evening by the sun. The sky behind the station is dark enough, the International Space Station shines like a bright star. Sometimes even brighter than any other star in the sky! If the International Space Station, ISS, is still flying randomly over the region you are located in, you can see it clearly. In clear sky you can see the whole even without binoculars. Of course, the weather plays a very important role, a clear sky would be recommended.

ISS LIVE STREAM International Space Station

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